Fixating your mind on the simplicity of any endeavor you undertake could be a weakness, and that also applies to the purchase of a Hair Dryer. Whether you want to buy a Cordless Hair Dryer or a Portable Hair Dryer, you must embrace the right perspective. The mistake most of us end up making is the failure to tell the difference between the marketing jargon and what functions the best way. The rule of thumb is to get value for money when you buy the most effective technologies.

A close focus

The markets happen to be flooded by bad players with the intent to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Don't fall into their trap and this blog piece is about opening your eyes so that you aren't duped into buying substandard products. It is also about being able to spot the differences and settling exactly for what you need.

I quite agree that shopping for a Portable Hair Dryer or any other product could be an overwhelming undertaking, but you and I understand that knowledge is power. With the right information, it becomes easy to choose from the thousands of models and brands available online. You get to assume the buzz words and thus you work at finding real technologies.

Things to consider

You don’t wish to damage your locks, and that is why you should do your best to find the best product. It is also obvious that we all wish to get real value for money. Let us take a close look at the things you should consider.

Focus on the Wattage

How much do you know about the working of a Hair Dryer? One of the most important points is the point that airflow and heat are the main mechanisms by which it carries out the different functions. You should probably understand that using a higher heat setting works faster than using a low heat setting. Wattage has everything to do with the power of any given hair dryer. It is power that dictates the speed the product works with during its functioning. Power also tells a lot about the amount of heat it produces.

Focus on the Basics

Whether you want to buy a Cordless Hair Dryer or a Portable Hair Dryer, it is important to focus on the basics. In other words, I'm specifically talking about the product bearing at least three heat settings. You can probably guess the reason for that! It is simply to be able to operate with the temperature you need at any given point. Experts usually say that it is to facilitate customized hair styling. Different people have different hair types, and that is something that requires working with the right product to achieve an outstanding look.

 Understanding the speed settings and Heat ranges to use

I will simply tell you that the main way to decide is by considering your hair type or the hair type of the client on your premise. For instance, it takes lesser time when the client's hair is lightweight. Such hair takes lesser time to dry. Such hair is mostly straight, short, or medium-length.

There is also the group with thick, wavy, or curly hair. In such a case, it is important to understand that the equipment will take longer to dry the hair. In such a case, experts recommend using a low speed and a high heat setting.

 That is not all! Most experts will be quick to remind you that there are also other important considerations.  It will generally take longer to dry the hair for those of us in humid environments. Matters are different for those in dryer environments. It takes them a short duration to carry out the exercise.

The cold setting serves its purpose, and that is in setting the curl in most cases. Have you ever noticed how a hairdresser stretches hair at the roots using a brush during service delivery? He/she quickly apply heat and then has to wait for some time before removing the brush. It is not accidental. The hairdryer's intent is to ensure that the hair cools first, and as a result, he/she manages to maintain it in a curled position.

Understand that speed has its purpose when it comes to hair styling. In other words, the speed you employ determines the styling. You may have noticed that a low speed gives you or the hair dryer more control.

On the other hand, a high speed facilitates a quick rough dry


There are a lot of points that I didn’t mention in this piece because of its brief nature, but I trust that this is a great place to start for anyone wanting to buy a Hair Dryer. I would also wish to emphasize the need for proper care and maintenance of your equipment. Every tool or equipment wears out at some point, but we have the power to make it last longer. I recommend that you make a quick search to find out about the best maintenance practices for your Hair Dryer.